nym technologies


Privacy Startup Nym Hires Whistleblower Chelsea Manning to Audit Mixnet
Manning has joined privacy startup Nym as a security consultant.
Aug 25, 2021


Binance-Backed Privacy Mavens Release Tokenomic Lynchpin: 'Proof-of-Relay'
Rewards gathered on the testnet will be made available when HOPR tokens launch on the live mainnet later this year.
Oct 20, 2020


COVID-19 Tracing Apps Have to Go Viral to Work. That’s a Big Ask
How do you make it so people actually want to download a contact tracing app?
Apr 24, 2020


Crypto Asset NYM to Fuel Test of Tokenized Facebook Login Alternative
Privacy-focused Nym Technologies plans to launch a testnet this fall. Its identity system masks identifying user data across blockchains.
Aug 21, 2019


This Binance Labs-Backed Crypto Startup Wants to Anonymize Everything
Nym Technologies, a stealth startup sporting a roster of privacy activists and cryptography experts, plans "to anonymize the world."
Dec 14, 2018