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Samsung Developing Ethereum-Based Blockchain, May Issue Own Token

| Yogita Khatri

Samsung is reportedly developing an ethereum-based blockchain network and is eyeing the eventual issuance of a "Samsung Coin" token.

The Ethereum Name Service Is Turning Nearly 300,000 .ETH Domains Into NFTs

| Christine Kim

Ethereum's domain registration service is gearing up for major changes, including faster registration, tradeable domains and an annual fee.

French Lender Societe Generale Issues $112 Million Bond on Ethereum

| Anna Baydakova

French investment bank Societe Generale has issued $112 million of bonds as a security token on the public ethereum blockchain.

Ether Thief Found Stealing Funds With Weak Private Keys

| Stan Higgins

A security consultancy found that an unknown person or group has been undertaking a sophisticated scheme to steal ether from weakly-protected…

Aragon Vote Aims to Restrict Ethereum App from Funding Polkadot Blockchain

| Christine Kim

Ethereum project Aragon is getting ready to vote on whether to expand operations to include blockchain interoperability platform Polkadot.

ConsenSys HQ

ConsenSys Is Seeking $200 Million in New Funding: Report

| Leigh Cuen

Ethereum co-founder Joe Lubin is seeking external investment in his Brooklyn-based conglomerate.

Ethereum Core Developers Debate Benefits of More Frequent Hard Forks

| Christine Kim

Ethereum core developers are discussing the possibility of executing more frequent hard forks as the software aims to offer new features.

Opera Launches Desktop Dapp Browser With Built-In Ethereum Wallet

| Yogita Khatri

Opera has launched the desktop version of its new browser with a built-in wallet for ether, ERC-20 tokens and CryptoKitties-style collectibles.

The Trolls Accused Me of ‘Crypto-Colonialism’ in Syria – I’m Listening

| Rachel Rose O'Leary

Cryptocurrency isn't colonialism in Syria – it's a step in ensuring the technological autonomy of the region.

Former Simple Bank Co-Founder Unveils New Blockchain Payments Startup

| Nikhilesh De

Sila, a startup launched by former Simple Bank co-founder Shamir Karkal, has unveiled an open beta for its ethereum-based payments platform.