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China Central Bank Official: Digital Yuan Should Have ‘Controllable Anonymity’

| David Pan

China's proposed digital yuan should strike a balance between protecting privacy and regulatory enforcement, a central bank official said.

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After Xi, China’s Central Bank Gives Blockchain Tech a Pump

| William Foxley

The People's Bank has said blockchain is a solution to trade finance asymmetries in the latest promotion of the tech in China.

After Painful 2018, Chinese Blockchain VCs Are Getting Back Into the Market

| Nina Xiang

After the crypto market crash last year, Chinese venture capital firms are taking another look at blockchain.

Bitcoin Mining Power Sees Short-Term Drop as Rainy Season Ends in China

| Wolfie Zhao

After sustained growth over the past three months, bitcoin's mining power has dropped with a seasonal falloff in hydropower output in China.

Binance Said to Plan Beijing Office Amid China’s Renewed Blockchain Push

| Leigh Cuen

The world's largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume is establishing a new outpost in China's capital city.

Bitcoin Dissident Sees Dark Warnings in China’s Blockchain Push

| Leigh Cuen

Grave concerns about the evolution of blockchain technology from someone who lived in China and used bitcoin for its censorship-resistant value.

Chinese State-Owned Media Try to Dampen Market’s Crypto Enthusiasm

| Daniel Kuhn

Chinese state-backed media are warning investors to remain rational amid a spike in interest in crypto companies.

FTX Launches Futures on Index of 8 China Cryptos Amid Xi Blockchain Pump

| Daniel Palmer

Derivatives exchange FTX has launched an index of eight popular Chinese cryptocurrencies, as well as futures offering exposure to the basket.

Ex-Official Trolls Libra, Says China Likely to Issue Digital Currency First

| David Pan

China's central bank could be the first to issue its own national digital currency, a former official said, while contending that Libra was doomed.

Chinese Official Warns Libra Could Abet Illegal Cross-Border Transfers

| Daniel Kuhn

Libra must abide by international foreign exchange regulations to not enable illegal transfers or “it should be banned,” a senior Chinese…