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Bitcoin Miners Halt Operations as Rainstorm Triggers Mudslides in China

| Wolfie Zhao

A severe rainstorm in China's southwest has led to fatal mudslides, causing some local hydropower plants and bitcoin miners to halt operations.

Congressional Research Service Finds Potential Blockchain Uses for Energy Sector

| Daniel Kuhn

Congressional researchers detailed the current state of energy consumption related to cryptocurrency mining and potential regulations for theā€¦

adam, back, blockstream

Blockstream Launches Bitcoin Mining Farm With Fidelity as Early Customer

| William Foxley

Blockstream is further stepping into bitcoin mining with the Fidelity Center for Applied Technology and LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman as customers.

Man Takes Bitcoin Miner Seller to Tribunal Over Electricity Bill and Wins

| Daniel Palmer

A Malta-based seller of bitcoin mining machines is in hot water after failing to refund a customer who complained over high power bills.

canaan, mining

Bitcoin Miner Maker Canaan Confidentially Files for IPO in US: Report

| Daniel Palmer

Canaan Creative, the major bitcoin miner manufacturer, has confidentially filed for an IPO in the U.S., say IFRAsia sources.

circuit, chip

Bitcoin’s Mining Difficulty Just Posted Its Biggest Increase Since 2018

| Wolfie Zhao

Bitcoin mining difficulty has grown faster in the last two weeks than in any period since August 2018, a sign that competition is heating up.

Iranian Authorities Shut Down Two Crypto Mining Farms Amid Power Spike

| Daniel Kuhn

Authorities in Iran have reportedly seized roughly 1,000 bitcoin mining machines from abandoned factories.

It’s Now Harder to Mine Bitcoin Than Ever

| Wolfie Zhao

Bitcoin mining has become more competitive than ever, new network data shows.

Wait for October: New Bitcoin Miner Demand Is Again Outstripping Supply

| Wolfie Zhao

Bitcoin's price jump has juiced demand for new mining equipment, with some models on backlog until October.

China Authorities Probe Alleged Illegal Bitcoin Mining Sites at Hydro Plants

| Wolfie Zhao

Authorities in Sichuan province are reportedly probing into local bitcoin mining farms that may have been constructed without official approval.