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The weekly RSI has crossed above 70. (TradingView)
Jump in Ether's Relative Strength Index Warrants Your Attention. Here is Why

Ether's 14-week RSI has topped 70, a threshold that marked previous parabolic bull runs.

The weekly RSI has crossed above 70. (TradingView)
(Andrew Valdivia/Unsplash)
First Mover Asia: Chilly DOGE, While Bitcoin Simmers Over $28.6K

ALSO: The head of markets for crypto research firm Delphi Digital said Binance's loss of market share has stemmed largely from its struggles with regulators. He also called bi...

(Andrew Valdivia/Unsplash)
Bitcoin Drops to $27.5K While Dogecoin Spikes After Twitter Logo Change

BTC needs a catalyst to break the $30,000 threshold, says an analyst. DOGE spikes after Twitter changes its platform's logo to the dogecoin symbol from the blue bird.

(Melanie Magdalena/Unsplash)
Crypto’s Next Move Depends on the Next Fed Rate Hike: Options Trader

Options Insights founder Imran Lakha thinks bitcoin could fall to $16,000 before rising again.

(Melanie Magdalena/Unsplash)

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