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A 'Blue Screen of Death' (Wikipedia)
CrowdStrike Outage Could Be Fixed Within the Day, Unlikely Caused by a Hack, Polymarket Bettors Say

Bettors are placing their money on the service being fixed by the end of Friday, with a slight possibility of it happening by mid-day.

A 'Blue Screen of Death' (Wikipedia)
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Ripple Settlement Hopes Pushed XRP Volumes Above Bitcoin on S. Korean Exchanges This Week

XRP accounted for almost 40% of all trading activity on top Korean exchanges from Tuesday to Thursday and prices surged.

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Blue screen of death
CrowdStrike, Windows BSoD Meme Tokens Populate Solana and Ethereum Amid Global Internet Outage

Some of these tokens have liquidity of upto $50,000 worth of stablecoins, quickly running to market capitalizations of as much as $1 million on paper.

Blue screen of death
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Bitcoin, SHIB Trade at 30% Haircut on WazirX as Exploiter Converts Stolen Loot to Ether

The exchange blamed a data discrepancy with a custodial platform for having caused the transfer of assets. But popular members of the Indian crypto community aren’t buying tha...

Cybercrime / Getty Images

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