Nick Baker

Nick Baker is CoinDesk's deputy editor-in-chief. Before joining in 2022, he spent 16 years at Bloomberg News, editing and writing stories on cryptocurrencies, stocks, bonds, M&A, market structure and more. Previously, he worked at Dow Jones Newswires and wrote for the Wall Street Journal. He got a journalism degree from Ohio University. He owns small amounts of BTC and ETH.



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US Government Amps Up Inevitable Clash With Crypto Privacy in Tornado Cash Blacklisting
The Treasury Department says Tornado Cash abetted laundering of $7 billion, but that’s not likely to quiet crypto enthusiasts as they fight to stay anonymous.
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Huge Traders Remain Super Bullish on Bitcoin Despite Crypto Carnage
A big player in professional finance says its trading partners see bitcoin rebounding to $32,000 this year.
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