[SPONSORED]DeFi on Bitcoin Revolution

2020 will be remembered as the year that we most heard about DeFi. For almost every day a new solution was offered, it was mainly focused on Ethereum. Now, ever since the early days of DeFi, enthusiasts have been asking whether Bitcoin will ever join the DeFi Revolution: RSK united Bitcoin and DeFi Ecosystems by expanding Bitcoin functionalities to enable smart contracts secured by merged mining, becoming the most secure platform for Decentralized Finance in the world. Multiple Open Finance projects are already building their DeFi solutions -available for Bitcoiners- such as Money On Chain (MOC), the first Bitcoin stablecoin, Sovryn, Bleumi, and RSKSwap among others.The DeFi Ecosystem built on top of Bitcoin has been growing steadily, with more products becoming available set to achieve broader adoption.

In this webinar, we delve into which are the current opportunities around DeFi for Bitcoin and what we can expect for 2021.