[SPONSORED] How Decentralized Networks Are Transforming Products We Use Every Day

Cryptocurrency and blockchain applications are quickly expanding across a number of industries, and decentralized networks have already started to dramatically influence real-world products and services. Not only does this technology impact the usability and efficiency of mainstream software products, but also their fundamental business models. Through open-source, fee-less networks where value accrues entirely to its participants, “token business models” have allowed new protocols to thrive. During this webinar, Sam Williams (CEO of Arweave), Tyler Spalding (CEO of Flexa), and Hugh Karp (CEO of Nexus Mutual) will discuss how decentralized token networks are already having a significant impact on legacy industries. Arweave is a novel data storage protocol integrated with more than 1,000 apps worldwide, enabling permanent data storage for a serverless internet. Flexa is the world’s largest pure-digital payments network, facilitating digital asset acceptance for Fortune 100 companies across the US with over $1B of decentralized collateral. Nexus Mutual is a community-powered alternative to insurance, enabling cover to be purchased against the technology risk of any smart contract or financial protocol, with close to $500M of active cover.