[SPONSORED] Governance, Standards and Interoperability: Getting Past the Roadblocks to Peer-to-Peer Financial Transactions

Whether you are eyeing retail or wholesale CBDC opportunities or are looking at digital wallets, loyalty programs or other implementations of token-based transactions, you’ve no doubt realized that the technology infrastructure is just one part of the puzzle. It’s well documented that distributed ledger technologies can deliver on the mechanics of peer-to-peer transactions. The roadblocks are creating an ecosystem with a level of transparency and security that consumers, regulators and companies trust. The closer you move to central banks and fiat currencies, the higher the barriers to buy-in and deployment.

In this panel, experts on three different Hyperledger DLT platforms compare notes about current and future token-based solutions from around the world. The conversations cover:

-The role that standards and governance must play to successfully implement peer-to-peer financing applications and networks.

-The core requirements for blockchain frameworks powering them.

-The growing need for interoperability to support increasingly complex use cases.