[SPONSORED] Crypto Lending as the Alternative Investment for HNWI

If 2020 was the year Bitcoin and Ethereum were adopted by the mainstream, Bloomberg’s Mike McGlone predicts 2021 will be the year they found a home in traditional investment portfolios. Indeed, the sentiments of family offices towards crypto have changed.

Many HNWI, investing via family offices / other investments trusts and funds, are open to some form of crypto-assets investment, and a number have allocated serious resources to crypto-assets. Analysts estimate total Family Office assets under management are worth more than $6 trillion USD.

How much is allocated to direct position holding vs. traditional vehicles such as Bitcoin ETFs? What is the family office view on crypto lending that earns interest without the exposure of the price volatility?

BVNK’s Managing Director Chris will join Nick Martitsch, James Brockhurst, and Nick Lord to discuss the market structure of crypto lending and its growth trend heading into 2022, adoption by family offices in the US vs EU, and the complex hurdles posed by regulations and lack of infrastructure in both markets.


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