[SPONSORED] Connecting a Billion Users to the Open Metaverse: Digital Identities, User Experience and New Business

We are entering the next evolution of the internet, known as the Web3 stage, which rails against the uneven distribution of data ownership and aims to reshuffle the deck by creating a decentralized alternative built on a peer-to-peer model. Web3 is paving the way for entirely new business models, products, and services, with the open metaverse serving as the next digital frontier that will change the way existing brands interact with their communities and spawn a wave of new metaverse-native brands.

GameFi in particular will bring in billions of gamers worldwide, attracted by the opportunities to participate in the decentralized creative economy. Today, the digital asset industry still mostly appeals to people deeply interested in tech and finance. But in the near future, much of our digital life will take place on platforms that include digital assets and blockchain technology components – without requiring the average user to understand the technical infrastructure that makes it possible.

In this webinar, we will explore the path toward connecting a billion users in the open metaverse, the experiences we are building, how digital identities are formed and managed, and how users can protect their most valued assets.