Bitcoin + Ether: Risks and Rewards

“There’s no reward without risk.” This is a familiar saying in the world of investing that is used to explain why certain financial assets with a high market volatility often result in higher returns for its holders. When looking at the emerging asset class of cryptocurrencies, the high returns of the two largest coins by market capitalization, bitcoin and ether, are certainly a byproduct of their volatility, which is itself a byproduct of something more complex. In this 30 minute webinar, Christine Kim and Noelle Acheson will give an overview of the unique risk/reward profile of the BTC and ETH. They will discuss the likelihood and long-term impact of various risk factors such as government regulation, technological upgrades and competition. The discussion will reference key findings featured in CoinDesk Research’s “Bitcoin + Ether: An Investor’s Perspective” report which can be downloaded for free from the CoinDesk Research Hub.