Aug 23, 2023

“CoinDesk Daily” host Jennifer Sanasie dives into today’s hottest stories in crypto, as bitcoin hovers around $26,300 and XRP has lost nearly all its gains since the historic Ripple ruling.

Video transcript

On ramp for Binance Us customers and SPFS new defense strategy. You're watching Queen Desk Daily, I'm your host, Jenna. Let's take a look at the markets. The coin desk, Bitcoin price XX index is currently trading around $26,300. The biggest Cryptocurrency by market cap has been hovering around that price for nearly a week that bearish sentiment is weighing down other tokens. Ripple's XRP has erased gains that came after ripple lab's landmark court ruling in July. When a judge said the sale of XRP tokens on exchanges did not constitute investment contracts. Last week, the SEC petitioned to appeal that ruling earlier on Coindesk TV, Theo trade co-founder Don Kaufman spoke about how the SEC is impacting trader sentiment. You also have to recognize, you know, the SEC. It's an incredible uphill battle. I mean, right now, when you look at the number of suits with the securities exchange commission, there's only a handful of institutions that are even going to be able to handle, you know, the magnitude of some of these suits. Binance Us users now have access to payment startup. Moon Pay customers can buy stable coin US DT using debit cards, credit cards, Apple pay or Google Pay and then convert it into crypto tokens. The exchange was forced to suspend us dollar deposits in June following legal action by the SEC on allegations that it was operating an unregistered secure exchange new developments in Sam Bank Fried's defense strategy. The FX founder intends to argue he was acting in good faith because he was following the advice of lawyers including law firm Fenwick and West. His defense team published a letter Wednesday detailing his planned advice of counsel strategy. Coin desk has reached out for comment to Fenwick and West but did not immediately receive a response. And North Korean hackers may try to sell stolen Bitcoin worth more than four million dollars. That's the new warning from the FBI released Tuesday. They are asking companies to avoid interacting with six wallets that are connected to those hackers. The agency says two North Korean based groups were reportedly behind a series of Cryptocurrency hacks earlier this year, including the $100 million exploit of atomic wallet. That's a wrap for coindesk daily. Get more updates on coindesk dot com and we'll see you next time.

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