Sep 7, 2023

"CoinDesk Daily" host Jennifer Sanasie takes a closer look at the hottest crypto stories today, including former FTX executive Ryan Salame's plans to plead guilty to criminal charges, Bloomberg reported.

Video transcript

Another former FTX executive will reportedly plead guilty and a web two game leader enters web three. You're watching Coindesk Daily, I'm your host, Jenna. All right, let's take a look at the markets. The coin de Bitcoin price XX index is currently trading around $25.7000. Meanwhile, activity in the crypto spot market fell to the lowest level in more than four years last month. According to CC data, the data provider says volatility that occurred after Gray's court victory over the SEC failed to translate into trading volumes. There's a new first on the ETF front asset managers. Ave and 21 shares have applied for regulatory approval of an ETF that would directly hold ether. That's according to a Wednesday filing with the SEC, the ether ETF is the first attempt to list such a fund in the US, the coin desk, either price ETX index shows it briefly jumped on the news yesterday and is currently trading around $1630. Former FTX executive Ryan Sala will plead guilty to charges. According to a report from Bloomberg Salam was one of Samba maned, top deputies and allegedly handled F txs political donations. He also made substantial donations to Republican candidates. The plea comes weeks before Sam Bank Man Fried's criminal trial begins in New York. The International Monetary Fund and Financial Stability Board said that blanket crypto bans won't work in a joint policy paper commissioned by the Intergovernmental Forum G 20. The report says that imposing blanket bans to make all crypto activities illegal in one jurisdiction is both expensive and challenging to tackle macroeconomic risks. The report says jurisdictions should quote, strengthen monetary policy frameworks to guard against excessive capital flow volatility and adopt unambiguous tax treatment of crypto. End quote. The I MFF SB synthesis paper is set to be presented to the forum this weekend and publicly traded Korean game publisher Neo Whiz says it plans to build games on the avalanche Blockchain via its web three arm in Tele Neo Wiz is one of the top five Korean gaming companies by market cap bringing in $51 million in revenue. Last year. A labs head of gaming Chang said at an event, quote, having such an experienced game publisher Arcade will strengthen the whole program and the expertise of the first arcade cohort will position yo to make the best possible entry into web three gaming and quote avalanche. Arcade is a program that helps web two game leaders navigate web three game challenges. That's a wrap for coindesk daily, get more updates on coindesk dot com and we'll see you next time

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