Sep 27, 2023

"CoinDesk Daily" host Jennifer Sanasie breaks down the hottest crypto headlines today, including Binance selling its Russian unit as it looks for a complete exit from the market.

Video transcript

Coin base. CEO calls out Chase Bank and Binance is Istanbul. You're watching Coin Desk daily. I'm your host, Jen. So let's take a look at the markets. The coin desk, Bitcoin price XBX index is currently sitting above $26,000. It's trading pretty flat as a bipartisan group of lawmakers are calling on the SEC to immediately approve ETF applications. In a letter to chair Gary Gentzler, four members of the House Financial Services Committee said the SEC should listen to the courts and give up efforts to block Bitcoin ETF S from regulatory approval. Gentzler is testifying in front of that committee on Capitol Hill today, Ceo Brian Armstrong is calling out JP Morgan's subsidiary Chase UK for its decision to decline crypto payments. The banking giant is banning crypto linked payments via debit card or by outgoing bank transfer for UK clients starting on October 16th. That's according to an email to customers. The company says it's due to the high level of fraud in crypto Armstrong also suggested that UK crypto holders close their chase accounts. Binance is selling its Russian unit. The buyer is a crypto exchange that appears to have only launched yesterday. It's called com back in May. Binance was reportedly facing a justice department inquiry into whether Russian customers were able to access the exchange a violation of us sanctions. In August Binance said it was cutting ties with sanctioned Russian banks. Com said it will not onboard customers from the US. A step away from Russia now. And one towards Istanbul. In an interview with Coindesk Turkey Binance, New Chief marketing Officer Rachel Conlon labeled the Turkish City as a crypto hub. The exchange chose to host its Blockchain week in Istanbul in November cited opportunity in web three as one of the reasons she says in part, quote, Turkey represents a market where we can learn a lot, we can learn and take insights from the user base. That's a wrap for Coindesk daily, get more updates on coindesk dot com and we'll see you next time.

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