What New Investors Don’t Understand About Bitcoin Mining and Renewable Energy

As big banks, publicly traded corporations and some of the biggest names in finance become increasingly bullish on bitcoin’s prospects, only a few objections really remain. These days on Wall Street it’s all about responsible investing as seen through the lens of “Environmental, Social and Governance,” better known as ESG. On this episode of CoinDesk’s “Money Reimagined,” two of the top minds building out bitcoin mining in the U.S. - Meltem Demirors, CoinShares chief strategy officer and Harry Sudock, GRIID vice president of strategy - share an insiders' look at the real story on energy, money and sustainability.

Macro look at the issues (and people) that are impacting, changing, influencing the future of money and economics as we know it. This is a taped video of the “Money Reimagined” podcast that Michael Casey and Sheila Warren host weekly.