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The Dream of The DAO Stubbornly Lives On

| Michael del Castillo

Whether the concept of a DAO could live on in the wake of the downfall of The DAO was the topic of debate at a New York conference this week.

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The DAO Hacker is Getting Away

| Michael del Castillo

The DAO hacker may walk away with millions in spite of efforts by the ethereum community to prevent this outcome.

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Alternative Ethereum Blockchain Gains Support as Price Declines

| Michael del Castillo

Ethereum Classic may have started as a protest currency against the hard fork, but it is gaining more services.

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Ether Withdrawals Slow as Millions in DAO Funds Remain Unclaimed

| Michael del Castillo

Millions in ether remain unclaimed from an account established for the purpose of allowing original investors in The DAO to get it back.

DAO Critic Defends Ethereum Hard Fork as ‘Rite of Passage’

| Michael del Castillo

The Cornell professor who emerged as one of The DAO's leading critics believes ethereum's hard fork is a sign of maturity.

The DAO: An Analysis of the Fallout

| Michael del Castillo

In this analysis of the day The DAO collapsed we look at what it might mean to the community at large if the Ethereum transactions are turned back.

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The DAO is Dead, Devs Say. But Can Anyone Decide its Fate?

| Michael del Castillo

The first large-scale experiment with a leaderless distributed autonomous organization is winding down, according to one developer involved.

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Will Ethereum Fork? DAO Attack Prompts Heated Debate

| Stan Higgins

Following an attack on ethereum's most notable project, its community is debating if it should take extreme measures to help protect the funds.

The DAO Attacked: Code Issue Leads to $60 Million Ether Theft

| Michael del Castillo

TheDAO, the largest and most visible ethereum project, has reportedly been hacked, sparking a broad market sell-off.