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No Blockchain Is an Island

| Primavera De Filippi

Blockchain governance is shaped by much more than protocol rules: the underlying internet rails, social norms, markets and laws all have an influence.

$35 Million Refund? Developer Appeals to Ethereum for Hack Reversal

| Rachel Rose O'Leary

An early ethereum developer is speaking out about why he feels a platform-wide software upgrade should be used to help him recover lost funds.

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2018: The Year We Make Cont(r)act

| Massimo Morini

2017 may have been a historic year in blockchain, but Banca IMI's Massimo Morini argues the seeds for this revolution were sown in 2016.

Utility Coins or Crypto Assets? Token Terminology Is One Big Gray Area

| Ash Bennington

Confused by token terminology? You're not alone. Even some of the brightest minds in the space agree there's reason for confusion.

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LedgerX and CBOE: The CFTC’s Trojan Horse in an SEC Turf War

| Benjamin Sauter & David McGill

A look at how a new class of cryptocurrency-based financial products impacts the balance of power between U.S. regulators.

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A ‘Howey Test’ for Blockchain? Why the SEC’s ICO Guidance Isn’t Enough

| Michael del Castillo

The SEC may have finally published guidance on ICOs, but the vague concepts may not be enough for a new breed of financial professional.

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More Welcome Than Warning? The DAO Ruling Could Transform Securities

| Noelle Acheson

CoinDesk's Noelle Acheson looks at how the recent warning by the SEC could end up changing the regulated securities market.

Emin Gun Sirer: SEC ICO Guidance is ‘End of Beginning for Blockchains’

| Pete Rizzo

A Cornell professor who was at the center of last year's DAO hack has issued new comments on an SEC ruling on the project. founders

Second Life? Failed DAO Creators Are Making a Comeback Bid

| Michael del Castillo

Despite one notable past failure, is forging ahead, with a new project planned and new funding from a secret investor.

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Crypto Security in 2016: A Tale of Two Weaknesses

| Bill Shihara

Cryptocurrency companies and holders continued to be a target for hackers in 2016, but Bill Shihara argues it doesn't have to be that way next year.