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Halving Rally: Litecoin’s Price Logs Biggest Monthly Winning Streak Since 2017

| Omkar Godbole and Sam Ouimet

Litecoin's next block reward halving is now less than 90 days away, but the world's sixth largest cryptocurrency may still have room to run before…

Litecoin’s Halving Is Months Away, But Traders May Already Be Pricing It In

| Omkar Godbole

Traders may already be pricing in litecoin's upcoming block reward halving.

LedgerX Unveils Betting Market for 2020’s Bitcoin Block Reward Halving

| Brady Dale

The bitcoin block reward will be cut in half next year – and soon, market watchers can place bets on exactly when the subsidy halving will happen.

Bitcoin’s Next Halving Rally: Coming Soon in 2019

| Pascal Thellman

Get ready for talk about bitcoin's halving – the once-in-a-while event that won't happen in 2019, but that just might have an impact on the markets.


From Brexit to Bitfinex: What Shaped Bitcoin’s Price in 2016

| Charles Bovaird

Bitcoin prices surged more than 80% in 2016, pushed higher by developments such as the Brexit, the halving and the Bitfinex hack.


As Bitcoin Halving Approaches, 51% Attack Question Resurfaces

| Frederick Reese

Upcoming changes to how bitcoin incentivizes key participants have stoked fears a 51% attack could again become viable.


What is the ‘Halving’? A Primer to Bitcoin’s Big Mining Change

| Jacob Donnelly

What is the bitcoin halving and why do many believe it's boosting bitcoin's price? Here's our introductory guide to the coming big change in bitcoin.