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Promise: A Startup Based on an Anonymous Paper Plans to Replace ACH

| David Floyd

With $47 trillion flowing through it every year, ACH is a juicy target for blockchain disruption. Can a new startup called Promise pull it off?

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How I Lost My Faith in Private Blockchains

| Angus Champion de Crespigny

It remains to be proven if permissioned blockchains provide a real business benefit at all. Take it from one who used to advise banks on them.

Alibaba, IBM Top Global Blockchain Patent Rankings, Says New Research

| Wolfie Zhao

Major Chinese and American firms are leading a global blockchain push, with Alibaba and IBM having filed around 90 patents each relating to the tech.

Dubai Government Unveils Blockchain Business Registry

| Sujha Sundararajan

Dubai's Department of Economic Development is using blockchain technology to make it easier for companies to set up and operate in the country.

Enterprise Blockchain Is Ready to Go Live in 2018

| Mark Rakhmilevich

2018 will be the year enterprise blockchain goes live and businesses can move from experimenting to production, says Oracle's Mark Rakhmilevich.

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‘Confidential Assets’: Blockstream Reveals New Bitcoin Privacy Tech

| Alyssa Hertig

Bitcoin startup Blockstream has unveiled new technology for shielding the details of transactions on a blockchain.

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Private Blockchains for Bitcoin Maximalists

| Martin Hagelstrom

CoinDesk contributor Martin Hagelstrom addresses the private vs public blockchain debate, arguing for the tech from a bitcoin believer's perspective.

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The Big Mistakes Enterprises Are Making on Blockchain

| Arno Laeven

Why corporations need to think bigger to maximize the benefits of blockchain.

Making Blockchain Real for Enterprises: The Importance of Tokenization

| Julio Faura

Banco Santander's Julio Faura looks back on what he calls a "remarkable" year for blockchain development in the financial industry.