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Microsoft Outlook Hackers Stole Crypto Using Victims’ Emails: Report

| Yogita Khatri

Hackers who breached Microsoft Outlook have reportedly used the email service to steal cryptocurrency users' funds.

Email Service MailChimp to Block ICO, Crypto Marketing

| Nikhilesh De

Email distribution company MailChimp will bar marketing campaigns for cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings next month.

Anonymous Email Service ProtonMail Adds Bitcoin Payment Option

| Stan Higgins

ProtonMail has revealed it is adding bitcoin as an official, automated payment option – and other cryptocurrencies may soon follow.

21 Inc Opens Bitcoin Email Service to General Public

| Pete Rizzo

Bitcoin startup 21 Inc is opening its '21 Lists' paid email product up to the wider public today.

LinkedIn Killer? Bitcoin Upstart 21 Takes on Social With Email Play

| Bailey Reutzel

21 Inc has released a platform that rewards users for receiving emails. Can it grab a slice of InMail's lucrative pie?


New Email Service Tackles Spam With Bitcoin Micropayments

| Joon Ian Wong

Email-forwarding service Composed aims to help the global fight against spam by making senders pay a small fee in bitcoin.

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CERN Scientists Launch Encrypted Email Service With a Difference

| Nermin Hajdarbegovic

ProtonMail is an encrypted email service that could help end government snooping – with a little help from bitcoin.


Current Criticisms of Bitcoin Are at Least 10 Years Too Early

| Scott Rose

Criticizing bitcoin today would be like criticizing email in 1985, and look how far that has come.

Tip Bot

You Can Now Send Bitcoins Over Email With Tip Bot

| Jon Southurst

A new service lets you send bitcoins over email without a wallet, as long as you sign up first.

Lavabit and Silent Circle shut down encrypted email services

| Emily Spaven

Lavabit and Silent Circle have both closed down their encrypted email services to avoid sacrificing their customers' privacy.