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DigitalBTC Dissolves Bitcoin Mining Agreement with CloudHashing

| Nermin Hajdarbegovic

DigitalBTC has dissolved a bitcoin mining agreement with CloudHashing. In other news, CloudHashing has being buying back cloud mining contracts.

PeerNova Raises $8.6 Million to Refocus on Enterprise Blockchain Applications

| Daniel Cawrey

PeerNova has raised $8.6m in new funding as part of a Series A round led by Mosaik Partners and featuring former AOL CEO Steve Case.

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Can Hobbyist Bitcoin Miners Still Make a Buck?

| Danny Bradbury

Bitcoin's low price is making things tough for hobbyist miners. Should they ditch the rig and buy bitcoins instead?

Mining Roundup: Dividend Coins and a CloudHashing Giveaway

| Stan Higgins

Vault of Satoshi has announced a new cloud mining feature while Alpha Technology and Bitmain have released ASIC updates.

CloudHashing, HighBitcoin Merge Hosted Mining with ASICs to Form PeerNova

| Daniel Cawrey

PeerNova will sell enterprise mining infrastructure services while keeping CloudHashing consumer-focused.

Cloud Hashing

Cloud Hashing CEO on Hardware, Network Growth and the Threat of Pools

| Daniel Cawrey

Emmanuel Abiodun describes his flexible attitude to mining hardware and says big pools are nothing to worry about.

The CoinDesk Mining Roundup: Zoomhash, Cloud Hashing and Riggit

| Daniel Cawrey

As difficulty and hash rates continue to rise, cryptocurrency mining offers the promise of spoils for those who persevere.

CloudHashing to offer Bitcoin Mining as a service – MaaS

| Danny Bradbury

Fed up with waiting for ASIC mining rigs from suppliers who can’t deliver? Welcome to the world of Mining as a Service (Maas).