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$7.5K: Bitcoin’s Price Tanks to Four-Month Low

| Omkar Godbole

Bitcoin's price fell to less than $7,500 today and traders believe a "long squeeze" is to blame.

Bitcoin Volatility Hits 6.5-Month Low as Price Falls Back to $8,000

| Omkar Godbole

Bitcoin's struggle for clear directional bias looks set to end, with volatility hitting multi-month lows and the charts calling a big move to the…

Crypto Extortion on the Rise, Says Academic Study

| William Foxley

Hackers can make up to $130,000 a month for a $10,000 investment.

Bitcoin May Rise Toward $8,800, Short-Term Cross Indicates

| Omkar Godbole

A short-term bitcoin price indicator has turned bullish, strengthening the case for a test of key resistance above $8,800.

Casa Is Helping Bitcoin Investors Pass on Their Holdings When They Die

| Daniel Palmer

The bitcoin custody provider has launched a new service to help holders ensure their assets are passed to loved ones in the event of their death.

Flaws in LocalBitcoins Data Call Into Question Regional Adoption Claims

| Leigh Cuen

LocalBitcoins data is a starting point for research, but it isn't conclusive evidence of grassroots adoption.

crypto, fiat

Fiat-to-Crypto ‘Carry Trade’ May Tempt Traders Tired of Negative Interest Rates

| Omkar Godbole

In the era of negative rates, return-hungry investors may increasingly borrow in low-interest fiat and invest in higher-yielding crypto accounts.

opera, android

Opera Browser Adds Bitcoin Payments to Android Update

| Danny Nelson

The enhanced crypto functionality will let Opera for android users make bitcoin payments from its built-in digital wallet and interact with dapps on…

Bitcoin’s 3% Price Rise Neutralizes Bearish Setup

| Omkar Godbole

Bitcoin has bounced from key support and neutralized the immediate bearish setup, though a bullish reversal is still $600 away.

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Researchers Uncover Bitcoin ‘Attack’ That Could Slow or Stop Lightning Payments

| Alyssa Hertig

A new denial-of-service attack could slow down or completely stop bitcoin payments over the lightning network.