Carpe Consensus 4X3

Insights From El Salvador's Pioneering Legal Tender Experiment

Jonathan Martin has spent the last few months traveling across El Salvador, speaking with locals, developers, expats and merchants about the country’s adoption of bitcoin as legal tender.

August 24, 2023

On “Carpe Consensus,” hosts Ben Schiller and Danny Nelson dive into the latest crypto news.

  • [3:32] Inside the Desk: CoinDesk courtroom reporter Elizabeth Napolitano recaps what’s been going on inside Sam Bankman Fried’s court hearings ahead of his October trial. Notably, SBF is back in jail.
  • [13:40] Jonathan Martin has been traveling across El Salvador, checking in on the first country to adopt bitcoin as legal tender. Are locals buying it? His latest focus is on Lightning's role in bitcoin adoption.
  • [22:46] Things We Are Freaking Out About: The potato boon moves from Idaho to Washington state. Ben’s worried about weather.

“Carpe Consensus” is executive produced by Jared Schwartz and produced and edited by Eleanor Pahl.