24 Signs You're Obsessed with Bitcoin

We bitcoiners share a peculiar passion for the digital currency, so we have more in common than you’d expect.

Sep 20, 2014 at 6:35 p.m. UTC
Updated Sep 14, 2021 at 2:04 p.m. UTC

It’s hard not to be captivated by bitcoin.

So many things about the digital currency are novel and the technology of the block chain is so complex that many who become acquainted with bitcoin eventually end up enthralled.

Add in the element of drama that seems to follow bitcoin like a shadow – bankrupt exchanges, arrests, regulatory debate and a polarizing reputation – and the story of this once-esoteric invention becomes even more fascinating.

We bitcoiners lead a peculiar lifestyle. As early adopters of an unprecedented technology, we’re arguably a part of history as we help shape this blossoming industry. We learn new things every day and are fueled by the seemingly endless opportunities this technology has created for innovators.

On the other hand, living with a bitcoin obsession is often an uphill battle. We’re forced to deal with price volatility, skeptical friends and family, regulatory uncertainty and all the other speed bumps that are par for the course for any new technology.

Despite the adversity, the bitcoin community – like the technology – has been impressively resilient. We all have an idiosyncratic passion for bitcoin, and thus we may have more in common than you’d expect.

Here are 24 signs you’re obsessed with bitcoin:

1. You check the price within five minutes of waking up

2. Your friends have been forced to sit through your spiels about all the joys of the digital currency


3. You keep a hawk-like eye out for 'bitcoin accepted here' signs

4. You’ve rehearsed your speech in defense of bitcoin, just in case you ever run into any skeptics

5. You feel a sense of pride whenever you convince someone to embrace digital currencies


6. You daydream about what life will be like once you can use bitcoin to buy everything you need

7. You double (okay, triple) check all of your wallets on a more-than-consistent basis… just to be sure

8. You’re not fazed by price swings anymore, and ‘bad news’ no longer sets you off in an immediate panic


9. The words ‘Mt Gox’ make you physically cringe


10. /r/bitcoin and bitcointalk.org have become your social networks of choice


11. Whenever bitcoin is brought up, your friends roll their eyes and brace themselves for you to jump into the conversation


12. You go out of your way to shop at Overstock, Newegg, Expedia etc to support their bitcoin business


13. You thoroughly research every new startup to see if they add enough value to earn your support


14. You’ve been to at least one bitcoin conference

Inside Bitcoins New York Recap Day 1

15. You scoff at the idea of using Western Union to send money abroad


16. You’ll interrupt someone else’s conversation to correct them if you hear anything inaccurate being said about bitcoin


17. You set aside money every paycheck to buy more bitcoin

18. You’ve bought something you didn’t need simply because you could purchase it with bitcoin


19. You tried out several different wallets/storage methods before settling on your preferred option


20. You’ve done the math to see how economically feasible it would be to set up your own mining rig

21. You felt personally attacked by Leah McGrath Goodman’s exposé on Dorian Nakamoto


22. You’ve tweeted one of your favorite companies to request that it accept bitcoin

— Tom Sharkey (@tom_sharkey) August 30, 2014

23. You’ve casually tried to inquire with your employer about getting paid in bitcoin


24. You truly believe this technology will change the world

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