Michael J Casey

Michael J Casey is chairman of CoinDesk's advisory board. After 18 years at The Wall Street Journal, Casey is now at MIT Media Labs's Digital Currency Initiative, and also consult for businesses on the challenges and opportunities in this emerging technology. He has authored four books including "Che's Afterlife: The Legacy of an Image;" "The Unfair Trade: How Our Broken Global Financial System Destroys The Middle Class;" "The Age of Cryptocurrency: How Bitcoin and Digital Money are Challenging the Global Economic Order;" and "The Social Organism: A Radical Understanding of Social Media to Transform Your Business and Life."

China Seizes the Blockchain Opportunity. How Should the US Respond?

| Michael J Casey

Mike J Casey unwraps the recent comments from Chinese leader Xi Jinping's recent remarks related to blockchain.

It’s Too Soon to Write Libra’s Crypto Obituary

| Michael J Casey

The recent spate of bad news for Libra isn't necessarily a death knell for the project, writes Mike J. Casey.

Zcash’s Halo Breakthrough Is a Big Deal – Not Just For Cryptocurrencies

| Michael J Casey

CoinDesk's Mike Casey explores a technological breakthrough by the company behind the zcash cryptocurrency.

The Silver Lining in Block.One’s SEC ‘Slap on the Wrist’

| Michael J Casey

Mike Casey wades into the thorny issue of the U.S. government settlement struck with blockchain startup Block.one over its EOS ICO.

What Billions in Fed Repo Injections Reveal About the Promise of Bitcoin

| Michael J Casey

The Fed Reserve has injected $278 billion injection into the securities repurchase market. Mike J. Casey Looks at what it means for crypto.

lock, broken

A Crypto Fix for a Broken International Monetary System

| Michael J Casey

Mark Carney's recent statements about a new digital global currency has opened the door to fresh ideas built on blockchain, Michael J Casey writes.

The Faketoshi Circus: Even Bitcoin Can’t Escape the Politics of Money

| Michael J Casey

The latest brouhaha says a lot about the propensity for drama in the ecosystem, Michael J. Casey writes.

Central Banks, Stablecoins and the Looming War of Currencies

| Michael J Casey

A flood of competing stablecoins is coming to the global economy, setting the stage for what could be a climactic battle with the world's biggest…

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Trump’s Currency War With China Could Be Bitcoin’s Do-or-Die Moment

| Michael J Casey

Donald Trump is stoking the flames of a new currency war, creating a do-or-die moment for the cryptocurrency movement, writes Michael J. Casey.

Anonymity, privacy

Perverse Outcomes: FATF, Bitcoin and Financial Exclusion

| Michael J Casey

How do we break a vicious cycle of KYC and financial exclusion? The answer may lie in blockchain technology’s own capacity to track transfers.