Jameson Lopp

Jameson Lopp is the infrastructure engineer at Casa, creator of statoshi.info and founder of bitcoinsig.com. Jameson is an investor in bitcoin (See: Editorial Policy).

Reflections on a Swatting: Inside One Bitcoin Engineer’s Security Battle

| Jameson Lopp

Bitcoin developer and Casa wallet engineer Jameson Lopp recounts his 2017 swatting, and his fight to find his harasser.

What the Data Tells Us About Bitcoin in 2017

| Jameson Lopp

Statistics show bitcoin is at the forefront of an increasingly complex ecosystem that continues to grow in a variety of ways. And it refuses to die.

Could SPV Support a Billion Bitcoin Users? Sizing up a Scaling Claim

| Jameson Lopp

A deep dive into claims that it's safe to remove bitcoin's block size limit and instead rely on existing "simplified payment verification" methods.

Bitcoin and the Benefits of ‘Coopetition’

| Jameson Lopp

Jameson Lopp makes an impassioned plea for more cooperation between the players in the bitcoin space in order that the system can thrive.

Nobody Understands Bitcoin (And That’s OK)

| Jameson Lopp

Does anyone understand bitcoin? This multifaceted technology is different things to different people, and we should accept that, argues Jameson Lopp.

Review: Putting Ledger’s New Bitcoin Hardware to the Test

| Jameson Lopp

Ledger's new hardware wallet is the most costly on the market. Does it have the features to justify the expense? BitGo's Jameson Lopp investigates.

Bitcoin’s Security Model: A Deep Dive

| Jameson Lopp

CoinDesk takes a look under the hood to understand what security features are and aren't offered by bitcoin.

Sea of Chains

Bitcoin: The Trust Anchor in a Sea of Blockchains

| Jameson Lopp

Bitcoin software engineer Jameson Lopp takes a deep and enlightening dive into the unique attributes that make up blockchains.

Bitcoin fees

Building a Better Bitcoin Fee Market

| Jameson Lopp

Bitcoin may now have a fee market, but that reality doesn't mean the network has optimized for this environment, developer Jameson Lopp argues.

Bitcoin and the Rise of the Cypherpunks

| Jameson Lopp

CoinDesk contributor Jameson Lopp traces the history of the cypherpunks, the band of innovators whose beliefs helped inspire the bitcoin movement.