Ariella Brown

Ariella writes about technology, including big data, analytics, social media and their application to education, health, and society.


Bitcoin: the inter-galactic currency of the future?

| Ariella Brown

With space travel soon to be on the increase, has bitcoin got what it takes to be the inter-galactic currency of the future?


Alpacas: the unofficial mascot of bitcoin?

| Ariella Brown

What’s up with alpacas and Bitcoin? Well, if a digital currency movement can be said to have a mascot, alpacas serve that role for Bitcoin, albeit…

Is Bitcoin science fiction come to life?

| Ariella Brown

Part of Bitcoin's appeal is that it is a real-life example of a concept in science fiction: an advanced, universally accepted form of currency.

Why do ‘Seasteaders’ love Bitcoin?

| Ariella Brown

The Seasteading Institute shares many of Bitcoin's ideals.

10 things you need to know about Ripple

| Ariella Brown

Ripple is the name for both a digital currency (XRP) and an open payment network within which that currency is transferred.

20 top bitcoin twitterers

| Ariella Brown

As interest in bitcoin grows, so too does the number of Twitter accounts related to the digital currency.

What’s a Casascius coin?

| Ariella Brown

Mike Caldwell first introduced physical bitcoins for purchase in 2011. He coined the name “Casascius” from an acronym for “call a spade a…

Is society ready for bitcoin?

| Ariella Brown

Are we ready to take the next step in digital currency? That is, to use the digital medium itself as the measure and store of value, as well as the…

10 companies that use bitcoins

| Ariella Brown

Every day, more businesses add bitcoin as an option for payment. Here are profiles of 10 businesses, online and off, that have adopted bitcoin for…