Mar 23, 2023

Customer relationship management software company Salesforce has teamed up with layer 2 blockchain platform Polygon for an NFT-based loyalty program.

Video transcript

As more and more firms integrate Blockchain technologies to boost engagement with their communities and customers and offer loyalty rewards, customer relationship management. Firm, Salesforce has partnered with layer two Blockchain platform, Polygon for an NFT based loyalty program. Joining us now with more is Mark Mattie. He's a web three studio, senior vice president at Sales Force. Great to have you on the show. So tell us about this partnership and why Polygon? Well, I mean Salesforce announced actually recently it's expanding its offering into, into web three with Salesforce web three, which indeed includes great ways and trusted and sustainable ways for brands to, to both M and manage NTS, but also to connect their web free data into Salesforce CRM. And since the very beginning, we've been doing this in partnership with our Office of Ethics and human Use. We wanted to make sure that the solutions we would offer to the market would be trusted, trust being our number one value but would also be sustainable. And since the beginning, uh we actually only have been using sustainable chains. So Polygon was an obvious choice. We've been working alongside, you know, polygon on with several of our customers during the pilot of our product, which we, uh, we have now released last week, uh, two weeks ago. And so, um, Poon is an obvious choice, uh, for them to actually, uh, on board for, together to onboard customers who have been making the choice to, uh, use, uh, as well. Ok. How does this make things easier for customers to, uh, join loyalty programs? I mean, uh, I've been doing them for years for various things. It's a nuisance. It's very difficult. Does this make it actually easier or is it just sort of more bells and whistles, more things to create? I gotta create a wallet. What, what exactly happens here? Uh And why would I want to use a, a Blockchain uh based loyalty program versus what we have now? Well, the reality in many ways, you, you may not in the near future even, you know, have to create a wallet to talk about the wallet, talking about the NFT. We've seen programs like what Starbucks has actually announced, uh, which, uh, which in reality doesn't use any of the terminologies of, of the web three crypto world. They talk about digital collection. And, and so the reality is, I think that it's more about using the technology of, of, you know, web three to build a new relationship with customers in which because of the power of, of NF and smart contract, you actually give people more ownership and you make the loyalty, I often say a two way street instead of a brand expecting the customer to be loyal, you give the the permission for the customer to expect the brand to be loyal by providing to them because of their, you know, declaration, not necessarily of their name or phone number, but of their ownership of NF of their passion for, you know, some of the activities around the life of your brand, you give them the permission to expect services to expect experiences which now the brand can actually push to its most engaged and loyal fans. So I see it more as using a technology and I'm with you, the jargon is going to go away if this is going to scale the same way that we don't talk about. Hey, let me send you AAA jet peg or, or something like that. So we really have to recognize that this is still very recent and as it goes into skating mode, it uh it will indeed take away the jargon barrier, which is true also on community engagement. I strongly believe that we'll see more and more community engagement platforms that uh that we raise, that won't, you know, be as, as complex for a lot of users as, as discord, for instance, is there also any concern about whether or not NFTS could end up being, being uh securities? Uh We've been talking about this uh with the SCC enforcements we know against uh coin base right now, they're going after them for their staking services for various cryptocurrencies that they believe are unregistered securities. Is that something that could befall nfts in these kind of loyalty programs? I've been listening to this show since the very beginning. So you heard the topic of, of securities quite a bit and, and clearly the regulation that is going to continue to evolve on, on web three and Crypto World and N FTS is some that, that we are following closely both salesforce as an entity, as well as conversations we're having with our partners with our Web Three advisory board and so on. We got to wrap it there, but thank you for joining us. That was Salesforce Web Three Studios, senior vice president, Mark Mattie and Mark. We'll see you at Consensus in Austin, Texas next month. Looking forward to that and folks, it's not too late to register, buy your tickets at consensus dot coindesk dot com.

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