Mar 19, 2024

Kraken Head of Strategy Thomas Perfumo discusses the comparison between bitcoin and gold as stores of value and inflation hedges.

Video transcript

Bitcoin has all the benefits that gold proclaims to have. You know, for example, a sound money supply with a more predictable expansion of supply in general, but it's really viewed as that kind of inflation hedge. And so when you think about the qualities that Bitcoin has, you have a global liquidity, the probably the highest value density. And what I mean by that is when I send one Bitcoin or 1000 Bitcoins, it's not gonna change the weight of the transfer or meaningfully change the size of the transaction. Uh Bitcoin, of course, much more divisible. It's decentralized censorship exist in 24 73 65 markets. So these are qualities that gold just cannot replicate. And on top of that, Bitcoin has uh what I would consider mathematically more sound or even more predictable and programmatic supply curve because it's built on mining and the HS and whatnot. So uh I do think Bitcoin is a superior form of sound money than gold.

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