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CeX, Drugs, and a Fond Farewell

| John Law

John Law recaps the week's news and forecasts the future, in his final column for CoinDesk.

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Crash and Carry on, Canadian Chip Chumps, and the Internet of Sins

| John Law

This week John Law glues together broken China, mops up Canada's sticky MintChip mess and proposes new altcoin 'karmacoin'.


Tax to the Future, Tip-top Tiny Top-ups, and a Free Gift for Bitcoiners

| John Law

This week John Law gives the taxman some ideas, makes micropayments, and gives you bitcoin without the hassle, almost.


Make Your Own Cash, 1930s Style; the CoinSummit Boosters; and Hot Pockets

| John Law

John Law remembers a 1930s currency revolution, survives exuberant optimism, and (almost) finds something good about mobile malware mining.


Bitcoin Banking, Solving ID Theft, and Why Regulators Should Love Pasties

| John Law

John Law wonders if cryptocurrencies could secure your cash, BLTs could protect your ID and bitcoin is wrongly named.


Seeing Through Regulation, Banking on Bitcoin, and a Sheer Art Attack

| John Law

John Law discusses revolution in regulation, putting competition back into banking and shares his outlandish bitcoin art ideas.


Hiding in Plain View, Too Much Secrecy, and Where Next for Space-Bound Twins?

| John Law

John Law suggests privacy seekers should stay hidden, bitcoin doesn't need Tor and a novel purchase for the Winklenauts.


You Can’t Beat the Numbers, Signs of the Times, and Full Marx for Bitcoin

| John Law

John Law ponders what could destroy bitcoin, and what a ban would look like, but finds it remarkably hard.

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Mt. Gox’s Lesson in Logic, the ATM that Doesn’t Exist, and Tips for the Future

| John Law

This week, John Law invents insults for Gox clients, finds a DIY ATM and has a rather good idea.


Bitcoin Under Attack, a Lesson in Discretion, and Getting Rich Quick

| John Law

What links dark deeds, dwarves and dinosaurs? John Law takes a firm grip on this week’s bitcoin news.