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IBM Says Blockchain Can Power ‘Open Scientific Research’ in New Patent Filing

| Zack Seward

A patent application from Big Blue hints at a blockchain solution for scientific research.

Hubble Researcher Focuses on Blockchain for Space Data Processing

| Nikhilesh De

A Hubble Space Telescope researcher is testing a blockchain network for processing the vast amounts of data produced.

National Chinese Science Academy Launches Blockchain Lab

| Muyao Shen

China's federal science institution, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is eyeing blockchain technology, the school announced this week. 

Startup Incubator Science Could Raise Up to $100 Million in Planned Token Sale

| Stan Higgins

A startup incubator based in California is launching an initial coin offering aimed to raise up to $100 million to support a new blockchain program.

Bitcoin and the Law of Conservation of Energy

| Alex Millar

Guest contributor Alex Millar examines bitcoin through the lens of scientific law in an attempt to show that money is energy.


Bitcoin Paves a Way for Evolution of the Species

| Nozomi Hayase

Nozomi Hayase looks at bitcoin in the context of Darwin's evolutionary theories.


On the Origins of Money: Darwin and the Evolution of Cryptocurrency

| Ryan Walker

Ryan Walker joins the dots between Darwin's theory of evolution, fiat money and the rise of cryptocurrencies.

stem cell, bitcoin

California Scientist Seeks Cancer Cure With Bitcoin

| Pete Rizzo

Gene and Cell Technologies, a California-based stem cell research center, now accepts bitcoin.

Should you mine for profit or proteins?

| Danny Bradbury

As your GPU loses traction with Bitcoin, you could start mining other coins - or you could give some power to a worthy cause like Folding@home for…