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Investors Who Lost Big in Poloniex Flash Crash Receive Bitcoin Refunds

| William Foxley

Poloniex allowed margin trading on the coin until a flash crash wiped out 1,800 bitcoins worth $13.5 million at the time

Binance Launches Platform ‘2.0’ as Margin Trading Goes Live

| Daniel Palmer

Binance has launched version 2.0 of its platform – a move that officially adds margin trading for its customers.

Crypto Exchange Binance Confirms Margin Trading Coming ‘Soon’: Report

| Yogita Khatri

Binance has told TechCrunch it's launching margin trading "soon," after the crypto exchange accidentally revealed the service in a tweeted image.

Japan to Tighten Rules on Cryptocurrency Margin Trading

| Yogita Khatri

Japan is lowering the limits for cryptocurrency margin trading from next year, and will also mandate registration of platforms offering the service.

Japan’s Financial Regulator Mulls Cap on Cryptocurrency Margin Trading

| Wolfie Zhao

Japan's Financial Services Agency is planning to put a cap on the leverage available to crypto margin traders to curb speculation and risk.

Korean Police Allege Coinone’s Crypto Margin Trading Is Illegal Gambling

| Wolfie Zhao

A South Korean police department says execs at crypto exchange Coinone will be charged over claims its margin trading service is illegal gambling.

creep, shadow

Buyer Beware? Credit Creeps Into Crypto

| Marc Hochstein

An influx of get-rich-quick types could encourage the sort of behavior that bitcoin was designed to escape.

Bitcoin Is an Emerging Systemic Risk

| Preston J. Byrne

The bubble in cryptocurrency threatens the broader financial system, given new buyers’ different motivations from early adopters and use of…

Credit for Cryptos: Leverage Trading Is Coming to Bitcoin

| Marc Hochstein

The arrival of institutional investors has created openings for services similar to the prime brokerage that banks have long provided to hedge funds.

bpi 24.08.2015

Bitcoin Price Slumps Following Bitfinex Outage

| Grace Caffyn

The price of bitcoin slumped again today after Bitfinex closed its order book, citing issues with its post-trade processing.