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Iranian Government Proposes Annual License for Bitcoin and Crypto Miners

| Leigh Cuen

Government documents reveal a draft proposal for new cryptocurrency mining regulations in Iran.

New Data Gives Unprecedented Insight Into How Iranians Use Bitcoin

| Leigh Cuen

Iranian bitcoin users are earning a significant portion of their income in crypto, and hodling for the long haul.

GitHub and Slack Bans Are Hurting Iranian Bitcoin Businesses

| Leigh Cuen

Iranian bitcoiners are showing the world what censorship resistance really looks like.

Iran’s Cabinet Ratifies Bill Recognizing Cryptocurrencies and Mining

| Daniel Palmer

Iran's government has introduced a bill that lifts the illegal status of cryptocurrencies and authorizes mining as an official industry.

Iran’s Government Gives the Official Nod to Crypto Mining

| Daniel Palmer

Cryptocurrency mining is now an official industrial activity in Iran after winning approval from the country's cabinet.

Iran Legalizes Crypto Mining

| Nikhilesh De

Iran is officially recognizing bitcoin mining as an industry it will regulate and for which it will set electricity rates.

Iranian Authorities Shut Down Two Crypto Mining Farms Amid Power Spike

| Daniel Kuhn

Authorities in Iran have reportedly seized roughly 1,000 bitcoin mining machines from abandoned factories.

Crypto Miners’ Electricity Shouldn’t Be Subsidized: Iranian Energy Minister

| Benedict Alibasa

Low electricity costs make Iran a popular mining destination. That could change.

LocalBitcoins Bans Bitcoin Buying in Iran in Blow to Rising Crypto Commerce

| Maziar Motamedi

Another crypto buying and selling service has banned Iranian users, pushing them toward anonymous decentralized exchanges.

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Iran’s Crypto Regulations: What’s Happening Behind Closed Doors

| Maziar Motamedi

The Central Bank of Iran's draft crypto framework has the local community worried, and getting it changed will not be easy.