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Ethereum Foundation and Others Weigh $15 Million Bid to Build ‘Randomness’ Tech

| Christine Kim

The Ethereum Foundation may spend $15 million on a project implementing randomness tech called "Verifiable Delay Functions."

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12 Markets Crypto Decentralization Can Actually Improve

| Kyle Samani

What do virtual real estate and distributed computing have in common? They're both markets where P2P networks can improve efficiencies.

BitTorrent Courted EOS, Filecoin Crypto Creators Prior to Tron Sale

| Annaliese Milano and Brady Dale

Tron and Neo weren't the only crypto projects interested in acquiring BitTorrent; in fact, CoinDesk has learned, five others were tempted to buy too.

Filecoin Looks to Mid-2019 for Blockchain Storage Network Launch

| Nikhilesh De

Blockchain storage startup Filecoin announced it would launch its mainnet sometime near the middle of next year.

Filecoin Creators Launch $5 Million Crypto Grant Program

| Nikhilesh De

Protocol Labs, the company behind Filecoin and other projects, has announced a research grant program worth $5 million initially.

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Searching for Problems? James Altucher to Bitcoin Critics: You’re Dead Wrong

| Ash Bennington

Business blogger James Altucher provides a counter to cryptocurrency being "a solution in search of a problem," one strong enough to make him a bull.

$257 Million: Filecoin Breaks All-Time Record for ICO Funding

| Stan Higgins

Filecoin's initial coin offering has ended, raising more than $257 million over a weeks-long token sale.

$200 Million In 60 Minutes: Filecoin ICO Rockets to Record Amid Tech Issues

| Stan Higgins

The ICO for the the blockchain-based data storage network Filecoin has raised as much as $250 million despite being beset by tech issues.

Filecoin Presale Raises $52 Million Ahead of ICO Launch

| Stan Higgins

San Francisco-based startup Protocol Labs has sold $52 million in a token pre-sale ahead of an initial coin offering launch next week.