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Ethereum’s Istanbul Upgrade Arrives Early, Causes Testnet Split

| Christine Kim

Ethereum's "Istanbul" system-wide upgrade, or hard fork, arrived two days earlier than expected – causing miner confusion.

Coinbase Is Using an Ethereum Upgrade to Help Merchants Accept USDC

| Christine Kim

Coinbase Commerce is putting ethereum's latest systemwide upgrade, Constantinople, to the test.

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Ethereum’s ProgPoW Mining Change to Be Considered for Istanbul Upgrade

| Christine Kim

The code designed to enact ethereum’s next system-wide upgrade, Istanbul, may feature the inclusion of a controversial mining algorithm said to…

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Ethereum Block Count Spikes as Difficulty Bomb Diffuses on Schedule

| Christine Kim

Block creation numbers on the ethereum blockchain are back on the rise after a successful roll out of the Constantinople and St. Petersburg hard…

Ethereum Upgrades as Hard Forks Activate on Blockchain

| Christine Kim

Two long-anticipated upgrades appear to have officially activated on the ethereum blockchain, the world’s second-largest by market value,…

Constantinople Incoming: Today’s Two Ethereum Hard Forks Explained

| Christine Kim

Tomorrow is the big day for ethereum's sixth (and seventh) backwards-incompatible upgrade since mainnet launch back in 2015. Having faced a number of…

How the Coming Constantinople Hard Fork Could Stir Up Ether Markets

| Sebastian Sinclair

Ether price volatility could spike in the days ahead, courtesy of an upcoming ethereum upgrade scheduled for Thursday.

Ethereum’s Blockchain Is Once Again Feeling the ‘Difficulty Bomb’ Effect

| Christine Kim

Ethereum is being affected by the "difficulty bomb" embedded in the code, but this month's hard fork will ease the issue – for now.

Take Two: Ethereum Is Getting Ready for the Constantinople Hard Fork Redo

| Christine Kim

The world's second largest blockchain by market capitalization is gearing up for a hard fork its tried to activate before called Constantinople. This…

Proof-of-Stake Could Lead to Crypto Banking. Let’s Avoid That

| Michael J Casey

"Staking as a service" is taking off. We need to think hard about what this means for crypto's evolution, warns Michael J. Casey.