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Ethereum’s Geth Software Upgrades Ahead of January Hard Fork

| Nikhilesh De

Geth has locked ethereum's upcoming Constantinople hard fork into its latest code release.

Block 7,080,000: Ethereum Devs Propose Activation Point for Next Hard Fork

| Rachel Rose O'Leary

Ethereum is moving closer to the activation of the long-in-the-waiting network upgrade known as Constantinople.

Ethereum Sets Tentative January Goal for Next Blockchain Upgrade

| Rachel Rose O'Leary

Ethereum developers have tentatively agreed a mid-January deadline for the network's upcoming Constantinople hard fork.

Ethereum’s Constantinople Hard Fork Is Being Delayed Until 2019

| Christine Kim

Ethereum's next upgrade, Constantinople, has been delayed until next year.

Ethereum’s Next Blockchain Upgrade Faces Delay After Testing Failure

| Christine Kim

Ethereum developers say Constantinople may be subject to delays following Saturday's test network release.

Ethereum’s Constantinople Upgrade Stalls on Test Network

| Christine Kim

Constantinople, ethereum's next system-wide upgrade did not activate on the Ropsten testnet as planned on Saturday.

Constantinople Nears: Ethereum’s Next Hard Fork Is On Track for 2018

| Christine Kim

Open-source coders backing the ethereum project now say its next system-wide upgrade, Constantinople, is on track for November release.

Testing for Ethereum’s Upcoming Hard Fork Is Being Delayed

| Christine Kim

Ethereum core developers announced a delay in plans to launch Constantinople, ethereum's upcoming system-wide upgrade, on the test network.

Ethereum’s Constantinople Hard Fork to Activate on Testnet in October

| Rachel Rose O'Leary

Ethereum developers have confirmed an upcoming upgrade will activate on Ropsten around October 9.

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Constantinople Ahead: What You Need to Know About Ethereum’s Big Upgrade

| Christine Kim

Constantinople, ethereum's next system-wide upgrade, is coming soon to a node near you. Here's what it means.