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NEM Foundation, Nearly Broke, Plans Layoffs and Pivot

| Leigh Cuen

The leading non-profit behind the NEM blockchain is seeking $7.5 million in emergency funding to keep the lights on.

Lambourghini, engine

Losing the Lambos: It’s Time to Get Serious About Crypto’s Big Questions

| Michael J Casey

The crypto community should use this moment to forget about price fluctuations and engage the world in a discussion about blockchain tech's potential.

chess, winner

Crypto Tribalism Is Holding Back Blockchain

| Michael J Casey

A more united front among all who believe in blockchain tech's sweeping potential could help ensure a more constructive legal environment.

Why Collaboration Will Drive Blockchain’s Success in 2017

| Richard Collin

Close collaboration continues to be the absolute necessity for blockchain success, argues Richard Collin of Thomson Reuters.

What Dogecoin Must Do to Survive

| Tim Swanson

Tim Swanson analyses the dogecoin mining system and evaluates what the digital currency needs for its economy to thrive.

BTC Center NY

Inside New York’s Bitcoin Centre

| Ariel Deschapell

A stone's throw from the stock exchange, New York's bitcoin community is educating, trading and planning for the future.

CoinMap merchants

CoinMap: Bitcoin-Accepting Merchants Increased 81% in November

| Joon Ian Wong

The number of merchants accepting bitcoin has rocketed, according to statistics from CoinMap.