What we are seeing now in the markets and in crypto needs to happen.

It is no surprise that bitcoin is weathering the storms in its way. The cryptocurrency was created to be an alternative currency, and it's doing just that – providing stability during times of economic chaos, withstanding everything from pandemic to worries over supply chain interruptions and market volatility. This is what everyone asked for: a bitcoin track record.

“On Purpose” host Tyrone Ross provides his “two satoshis” on the current market climate, the uproar over Coinbase’s disclosure report, stablecoins, NFTs and a set of data points after visiting the 2022 Tiburon CEO Summit Conference in New York.

There is $12 trillion in self-directed investment that is vulnerable, and Fidelity and Schwab each have four of them. Yet venture capital as a whole does not seem to take the opportunity that its power can reach – that GenX has locked up for themselves! A MASSIVE chance exists where there could be wealth management services offered to those who were born between 1965 - 1985: They will save more, inherit more and invest more than baby boomers and millennials combined; yes you read correctly! And this would create an excellent moment if done right.

Who doesn't love a good challenge? Tyrone is offering up his listeners some tough choices in this week's podcast. He suggests that you learn about self-custody and REHYPOTHECATION in what he likes to say  “Not your keys, not your cheese.”

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