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Bringing Mindfulness Into the Metaverse, With Angelic Vendette, CMO and Global Head of Marketing of Alo Yoga

Angelic Vendette discusses the importance of brand authenticity and how a mission that is centered around mindfulness and wellness can enter either immersive worlds or the NFT space authentically while staying true to core brand values.

February 27, 2023

Angelic Vendette, Alo Yoga chief marketing officer and global head of narketing, joins the "Generation C" podcast to share insights on how Alo Yoga built one of the most successful experiences on Roblox and is expanding in digital collectibles. Vendette discusses the intentionality of the brand, whether it's in the metaverse or at New York Fashion Week with the announcement of its Aspen collection, the brand’s first premium line that includes both physical and digital rewards.

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