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“While there is quite a bit of interest, there's still quite a bit of skepticism” when it comes to crypto solutions for humanitarian aid, Jeremiah Centrella says.

Joining “Money Reimagined” hosts Sheila Warren and Michael Casey is Jeremiah Centrella, a partner at the law firm of Nichols Liu and former general counsel at Mercy Corps. Centrella explains where humanitarian aid organizations are on their journey of exploration of crypto and the value proposition these organizations provide for the crypto ecosystem.

Centrella identifies the common hesitancies organizations experience before considering crypto, including a fear of the more negative narratives surrounding crypto. Increased awareness, education and technology integration can help crypto solutions take hold.

The many complexities of humanitarian aid solutions prove a challenge for crypto integration. A carefully crafted solution, always with the needs of the people prioritized over the technology, must be flexible and adaptable in order to best assist those in need.


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