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Consensus Rewind: DeFi Regulation, What's the Government's Role?

This session is part of the four-part Exploration: DeFi: Occupying Wall Street

November 7, 2022

Yuta Takanashi, director for International Digital Strategy and Policy at the Financial Services Agency in Japan, Kristin Smith, executive director at the Blockchain Association, and Rebecca Rettig, general counsel at the Aave Cos., join CoinDesk’s U.S regulatory reporter Cheyenne Ligon to discuss the government role in the regulation of DeFi.

They discuss what exactly DeFi is and why it is important for the government to learn about the decentralized system and why people in the DeFi community should speak with policymakers before the government issues any regulations or imposes any rules.

They go into detail about how certain events, like the collapse of Terra, have aided in the recent push for regulation and what they expect in the future.


The panel discussion took place on June 10, the second day of CoinDesk’s Consensus 2022 festival in Austin, Texas.

The executive producer for CoinDesk Reports is Jared Schwartz. Nia Freeman edited this episode.