In the first episode of Coinage’s investigation into SBF’s upcoming defense, we looked at SBF's right-hand woman: Caroline Ellison. She is one of three FTX executives who have pleaded guilty, along with Gary Wang and Nishad Singh. This episode explores SBF’s claim that a fourth conspirator played an even larger role in FTX’s collapse: FTX’s legal partners at major law firms Fenwick & West and Sullivan & Cromwell.

It’s a lofty claim, and no doubt one that will be heavily scrutinized from all sides in the courtroom, but it’s also not without support – even from 18 state regulators and a bipartisan group of senators, who wrote, “given their long standing legal work for FTX, they may well bear a measure of responsibility for the damage wrecked on the company’s victims.”

Sullivan & Cromwell is now leading FTX’s bankruptcy process and is set to rake in nearly $800 million in legal fees over the next two years. SBF claims that money is being drained from customers, but what do they think?

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