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What You Need to Know about Bitcoin Mining in 2023

Will Foxley dives into the state of bitcoin mining, from Bitcoin’s fourth “halving” to the politicization of the mining industry.

July 27, 2023

On “Carpe Consensus,” hosts Ben Schiller, Danny Nelson and Cam Thompson take on the latest crypto news alongside guest Will Foxley.

  • [5:46] Inside the Desk: Will Foxley joins to discuss the state of bitcoin mining and his op-ed for Consensus Magazine’s Mining Week, “It’s Time for Publicly-Traded Miners to Stop With the Gimmicks.”
  • [23:49] Danny’s Dungeon: In another edition of “Dumb DAOs,” DeFi project Parrot votes on the fate of its remaining treasury. The redemption plan for the protocol appears to heavily favor employees and Parrot’s venture investors, leading some to cry “Rug Pull!”
  • [29:00] Cam’s Corner: Solana-based NFT marketplace Exchange.art expands into Ethereum. Are NFTs done on Sol?

“Carpe Consensus” is executive produced by Jared Schwartz and produced and edited by Eleanor Pahl.