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The early days of bitcoin are chock full of characters who fearlessly navigated unknown and choppy waters.

For some people, those unchartered waters led to trouble. But only Charlie Shrem can claim the title of "Bitcoin's First Felon."

Join the CoinDesk team on November 22 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm for our inaugural CoinDesk On Tap, an intimate fireside chat with Cooley LLP's Marco Santori and Charlie Shrem.

Santori and Shrem will talk about life after jail, and the lessons entrepreneurs can take from his experience.

Held at CoinDesk's headquarters in midtown Manhattan, CoinDesk On Tap is a new series of monthly events where individuals in the digital currency and blockchain sector share their stories, ideas for the future and what they’ve learned in this rapidly evolving industry.

Food and drink will be provided (of course), courtesy of Atlantic Financial, so we can properly toast Charlie's return to New York.

Be sure to register at EventBrite before tickets sell out!

Image via Michael del Castillo for CoinDesk

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