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Ether, XRP Rise to 1-Month Highs While Bitcoin Falls

| Sebastian Sinclair

Ether, XRP rise to 1-Month highs despite bitcoin's poor performance in recent weeks.

Bitcoin Averts Bearish Trend Change But Stalls Beneath Key Price Average

| Sebastian Sinclair

Bitcoin's has stalled beneath the 100-day moving average after a price rise at the weekend averted a major bearish trend change.

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Top 10 Cryptocurrencies Now Trading Below 200-Day Price Averages

| Sebastian Sinclair

BTC now stands alone in the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market value, with the rest having fallen below a key long-term moving average.

Bitcoin Price Above $10.1K As Momentum Stalls Near Key Indicator

| Sebastian Sinclair

Bitcoin's price action continues to stall as the fight between buyers and sellers falls quiet above the 100-day average of price.

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Bitcoin Teeters on $10K, But Can It Fend Off Another Bear?

| Sebastian Sinclair

Bitcoin's recent market movements have thrown into contention consensus about its short-term price direction.

$9,650: Bitcoin Price Dips Below Key Long-Term Support

| Sebastian Sinclair

Bitcoin temporarily tumbled past a key moving average after enduring its worst single-day loss in a month.

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Bitcoin Drops to $10K in Worst Daily Loss in a Month

| Sebastian Sinclair

The cryptocurrency markets are flashing red again Thursday after bitcoin (BTC), the world's largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, fell by…

Bitcoin’s Price Jumps Back Above $11K for the First Time In 3 Weeks

| Sebastian Sinclair

Bitcoin has risen back above the $11,000 psychological price point after regaining ground on July 8's and July 22's bearish breakdowns.

Australia’s Two Leading Blockchain Advocate Groups Announce Merger

| Sebastian Sinclair

Two groups seeking to promote blockchain tech in the Asia-Pacific have officially merged to open up greater opportunities in the region.

Bitcoin Faces Sub-$9K Price Move as Bear Trend Strengthens

| Sebastian Sinclair

Bitcoin is continuing to feel the brunt of the short-term bearish trend, with charts calling a move to $9,100 and possibly lower.