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AirTM Exchange in Caracas

The Anti-Petro? Zcash Throws Venezuelans a Lifeline

| Michael del Castillo

The creator of zcash has partnered with a startup called AirTM to help Venezuelans turn their inflated local currency into U.S. dollars, undetected.


IBM Is Finally Getting Serious About Cryptocurrency

| Michael del Castillo

IBM is breaking from enterprise blockchain norms by publicly working with cryptocurrencies in a wide range of projects.

Hyperledger Tech Heats Up Ahead of Software Debuts

| Michael del Castillo

2018 is shaping up to be a watershed year for enterprise-grade blockchain, with the upcoming launch of four Hyperledger solutions into version 1.0.

Blythe Masters

Blythe Masters’ Next Move? Blockchain SDKs

| Michael del Castillo

Former JP Morgan executive Blythe Masters recently unveiled a new software suite designed to help propel the next wave of business blockchain growth.

Enterprises Building Blockchain Confront Early Tech Limitations

| Michael del Castillo

Executives working with two of the largest live blockchain implementations spoke on stage at the DTCC's annual fintech event.

xrp, coin

Ripple’s XRP Might Be the Next Big Crypto Futures Market

| Michael del Castillo

A little-known British crypto company has already turned XRP futures into a budding business worth over $30 million a month.


Northern Trust, PwC Launch ‘Instant’ Blockchain Audits

| Michael del Castillo

Rather than waiting for periodic reports, auditors of private equity funds on Northern Trust's blockchain will get the data almost immediately.


Security Settles on Ethereum in Blockchain Post-Trade First

| Michael del Castillo

A structured note is being issued on the ethereum blockchain, with an identical one settled on a traditional clearing house to test the cost savings.

Huawei sign

Huawei Is Building Tech That Can Stress Test Blockchains

| Michael del Castillo

Chinese telecoms and electronics giant Huawei has been secretly working on a project designed to gauge the abilities of various blockchains.

bitcoin, chart, graph

Thomson Reuters Is Using Your Feelings About Bitcoin to Make Investors Rich

| Michael del Castillo

Thomson Reuters has launched a bitcoin analysis product that uses AI to analyze how industry insiders feel about the cryptocurrency.