Jed McCaleb Explores the Evolution of Cryptocurrencies

Leigh Cuen interviews Jed McCaleb on the evolution of cryptocurrencies. McCaleb, who is the founder of the Stellar Project, talked about his experience creating the first bitcoin exchange, Mt. Gox. ” I mean, they so with Mt. Gox, you know, I started it just as a way to learn Bitcoin and just learn about the system and and to help kind of nascent ecosystem,” he said. “Then I guess the main takeaways from that is ‘Be careful who you hand things off to’ because the person I gave it to ran it into the ground.” His extensive experience helped him avoid many mistakes with Stellar. As always, he is fascinated by the problem of payments. “If you look at the way the payment system works today like it’s very fractured and and doesn’t operate like there’s all these different networks,” he said.