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A Crypto Project That Raised $20 Million Is Caught Faking Its Founding Team

| Wolfie Zhao

BHB in China raised $20 million in 2018 touting a three-person team. The only problem? At least two were fake.

eth, ethereum

Funds Were Moving On QuadrigaCX Right Before Its Collapse

| Anna Baydakova

Nearly $1 million worth of ether left QuadrigaCX's hot wallet for other cryptocurrency exchanges in December, the same month its CEO reportedly died.

Two Thirds of Korean Crypto Exchanges Fail Government Security Check

| Yogita Khatri

Only seven out of 21 South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges inspected got a full pass in a recent government security audit.

Exchange Says $200K in Ethereum Classic Lost As Blockchain Attacks Continue

| Christine Kim

Cryptocurrency exchange has corroborated claims that the ethereum classic network is under a 51 percent attack, disclosing a loss of 40,000…

UK Crypto Exchanges Pose Low Money Laundering Risk, Says Global Watchdog

| Yogita Khatri

Crypto exchanges in the U.K. pose a “low” risk for money laundering and terrorist financing, says a report from the Financial Action Task Force.

Russia moscow

Huobi Exchange’s Plans for Russia Go Well Beyond Crypto Trading

| Anna Baydakova

Huobi exchange, which just opened an office in Moscow, wants to lend money and rent space to Russian miners, shape the country's regulations and…

Crypto Exchanges Must ‘Grow or Die,’ Says Exec at Fintech Firm Cinnober

| Anna Baydakova

Cinnober, a fintech company founded a full decade before the bitcoin white paper came out, wants to help today's crypto trading platforms mature.

Crypto Exchange Bitstamp Aims to Get Faster with Tech Upgrade

| Anna Baydakova

Crypto exchange Bitstamp is getting a new matching engine developed by Cinnober, whose clients are mostly traditional stock and commodity markets.

Coinbase Gears Up for Biggest-Ever Expansion of Crypto Asset Listings

| Leigh Cuen

Coinbase's new policy will speed the addition of assets to the exchange but may leave users in some places unable to trade coins available elsewhere.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Brazil Moves to Probe Banks After Crypto Exchanges Denied Services

| Nikhilesh De

Brazil's antitrust watchdog is investigating major banks for potentially collaborating to prevent crypto brokerages from gaining banking services.