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Facebook’s WhatsApp Seeks Policy Expert to Champion Blockchain in Africa

| Nathan DiCamillo

WhatsApp is looking to hire a blockchain policy expert in Africa as parent company Facebook's Libra project meets regulatory resistance worldwide.

burundi, africa

Burundi Central Bank Director: ‘Strong Measures’ Will Be Taken Against Crypto Traders

| Daniel Kuhn

The Republic of Burundi banned all cryptocurrencies, stating the volatile, speculative and unregulated asset class presents too much risk for…

Beyond USD: The Next Frontier for Stablecoins

| George Harrap

The next generation of stablecoins will eschew the U.S. dollar as their basis, writes Bitspark's George Harrap.

Binance Exchange’s Charity Falling Short of Transparency Goals

| Leigh Cuen

Less than half of the donations made to the Binance Charity Foundation are accounted for on its website.

Protestors Set Alleged Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme Perpetrator’s Home on Fire

| Daniel Kuhn

Before shutting down, Bitcoin Wallets' "manager" promised 100-percent returns on investors' money in just two weeks. Then they burned down his house.

Wala Was Africa’s Perfect Crypto Success Story – Until It Collapsed

| Leigh Cuen

Wala went from serving customers in Uganda to shuttering its payments app. Here's what sources say happened.

Johannesburg, South Africa

Huobi Cloud Aims for 80 More Exchange Partners in Bid for Revenue Growth

| Leigh Cuen

The Huobi Cloud network of crypto exchanges wants to facilitate $55 million in daily volume by 2020.

Africa Needs Open Currency Competition. It Needs Cryptocurrency

| Terence Zimwara

Africa's various currency crises illustrate why cryptocurrency innovation shouldn't be stifled, says economic analyst Terence Zimwara.

Bitcoin Exchange Paxful Sees 20% 2018 Growth, Driven by Africa

| Leigh Cuen

Despite bitcoin's price volatility in 2018, P2P exchanges Paxful and LocalBitcoins each saw significant user growth in Africa.

Binance Signs Up 40,000 Crypto Traders in Its First Week in Uganda

| Leigh Cuen

Unlike its parent company, Binance Uganda handles fiat currency (in partnership with a local mobile payment provider) and requires full customer ID.